FROM THE BOOK JACKET: Ahhh, the modern workplace: a cauldron of stress and anxiety. From the moment we accept a new role, we're thrown into a world of competing personalities, shifting protocols, and an endless stream of emails, Slack messages, and Zoom calls, all of which serve to distract us from the things we truly want to be doing, like eating Thai food and sleeping until noon.

I Hope This Email Finds You Never puts aside the motivational screeds, productivity hacks, and pop-science, and focuses instead on those things in the workplace that truly cause us grief--like a coworker eating an apple during a video call--in a lighthearted, entertaining, and (most importantly) cynical way.

Some things you'll learn:

* How long you can get away with being "new" until you're held accountable
* How to make it look like you're sorry without giving up any power
* How to find a workplace friend and make a workplace enemy
* Camera position: how to set up your laptop for maximum dominance
* Organizing your calendar while leaving time to cry
* The rules of the kitchen (stealing someone's yogurt is literally a crime)
* Writing a letter of resignation when you've already been resigned from day one

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kupchik is a writer and the creator of Sales Humor, a popular social media account with over one million followers across Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. His first book, The Sales Survival Handbook: Cold Calls, Commissions, and Caffeine Addiction--The Real Truth About Life in Sales, was published by AMACOM (now HarperCollins Leadership) in 2017. He lives in Boston, MA.

Emily Ann Hill (@emmannhill) / TwitterEmily Ann Hill is a freelance graphic designer who works with startups and small businesses. She loves to incorporate illustration and humor into her work, with or without the clients permission.

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